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Feb. 2, 2021

Podcast #1-Becoming An Author

Podcast #1-Becoming An Author
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The start of my new journey on my podcast where I talk about what I will be discussing on my podcast, when I will be posting and accomplishing goals.

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Speaker 0    00:00:00    Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Aquarianmind Podcast. Today's podcast episode number one, I'm your host Jamell Crouthers. Now, if you guys have been listening to my podcast for the past two years or so, I, you know, discussed a lot of, uh, things that are going on in the world and all of the things that are to come. And I, you know, went against the grain for quite a long time, and I did enjoy doing it. But I felt that, um, I was at a place where it was time for me to change the landscape of my podcast and to really start talking about, um, my journey as an author, a writer, um, motivation, things I do to motivate myself, um, way to stay inspired, um, focusing on goals, um, and also, you know, talking about, um, my books and, you know, how I wrote them, why I wrote them, things like that.  
Speaker 0    00:01:02    So, I will still be talking about world affairs, but it'll be more of through my books and through the social issues that I've written about for the past I would say four and a half years. I'm approaching five pretty soon. Um, I will be, um, posting podcasts three days a week. Now, um, there will be Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. So you guys will be getting a treat, um, with, uh, what I'm doing in regards to my podcast. Um, so Mondays will be, uh, Mondays with Melo. Um, that will be, you know, just things that are on my mind and things that are going on, um, probably in the moment, or projects that I'm working on, projects that I have worked on, whatever the case is. Um, Wednesdays will be Motivation and Inspiration, um, talking about, you know, how to stay motivated and inspired, um, through, you know, trying to accomplish your goals and trying to get to where you need to be.  
Speaker 0    00:02:07    Um, if you guys have listened to my podcast for however long you have at the end of my podcast, I say be good and go accomplish your goals. And it's something that I will continue to say, um, even through all of the madness that has been going on in this world, unfortunately. Um, and, you know, 2021 is gonna be another year where it's gonna be, you know, full of challenges for everyone. So I want you guys to, um, be prepared for that. And I, you know, hope, hope that you guys weren't saying, I want 2020 to be over, because within the first 10 days of this new year, look what happened in Washington, dc. So that's all I'll say to that. Um, Fridays will be, um, my bookend site where I will, you know, talk about all of the books, you know, that I have written.  
Speaker 0    00:03:02    Um, I have 'The Struggles and Growth of a Man' series, the 'Code Blue' series, um, 'The World We Live In' series 'Kids with Guns' series. And then I have a few standalones such as 'America Under Mind Control,' 'America, A Country Divided,' 'The World in Ruins,' um, 'The Man Who Lost His Soul,' um, 'Living Life to the Fullest.' And I'm, I'm quite sure I'm missing like maybe one or two other books because I've written so many. So I've kind of, you know, lost track of, you know, what I've written so far. So I've written 27 to date as I'm speaking. Um, number 28 will be coming, in the coming weeks. February 28th will make five years. I've been writing books. So, you know, if you're listening to this for the first time, quite sure it's like a shocker that I've written so many books in such a short amount of time.  
Speaker 0    00:03:59    But, I always feel like, you know, the more content you put out, and you know, the more it kind of, you know, draws attention to what you're doing and what you're, you know, trying to accomplish. My goal is to write 60 books, and I definitely have, you know, all of those books planned out up to that point. And then, um, I will, you know, start to rethink of where I'm going with, you know, my future and, you know, things of that nature. Um, I also have a clothing line, um, that I, you know, um, you know, working on, you know, pushing out also. So somewhere along the lines, you know, throughout this podcast, you'll hear me talk about that. Um, so I have a lot going on and, you know, doing this, this podcast, you know, is just another outlet. Um, a lot of you guys are audio people, and I appreciate you guys.  
Speaker 0    00:04:55    Um, and I do have audio books. Uh, four of my books are in audio format. Um, so, um,that's another thing I'll be working on this year is to get, you know, more of my, uh, books and audio format also. Um, those, um, vibe, you know, on my website, um, those are not gonna be posted all over Amazon. Um, Amazon already takes enough money from me when I make my book Sales <laugh>, so, um, just kind of gonna give you guys a heads up on that. So today, um, uh, this is obviously today, Monday, so it's Mondays with Mellow. Um, and I thought of this idea really to get you guys to know me more as an author and more of what goes on with me. Um, my goal is to, you know, share as much content that I'm working on, um, my goals, like I said, the projects I'm working on daily and a plethora of other things.  
Speaker 0    00:05:51    Um, I'm gonna honestly, you know, tell you that I'm going to share my truths, my hardships, failures, um, just everything that I've gone through in this journey since I've, you know, started, you know, writing, you know, books and start since I've started, you know, working on this podcast. Um, I'm definitely gonna share a lot of what goes on in my mind and, you know, the do's and don'ts of, you know, an author. Um, and as I go along and do these podcasts on a weekly basis, if I, you know, start to learn of new things, I'll definitely let you guys know. Um, I will, you know, definitely share, um, you know, some pointers on if you wanna become an author, if you wanna write a book. I'm in a process of working with two good friends right now that are, you know, focused on wanting to write books and, um, they want to make that, you know, a goal of theirs.  
Speaker 0    00:06:44    Um, and I have a friend that wants to write a book and wants to write scripts. I've written, you know, some scripts that I've submitted to, you know, to Hollywood on a smaller scale. Um, so I've done that too. Um, so I'm gonna be sharing that also. Um, so honestly, um, let's talk about my writing journey, um, today, um, because I feel it's very important. Um, so a few years ago, um, I was a basketball referee and, um, you know, I am always on the go, always moving around. Um, that's when, you know, I was probably at my most fit in my most healthiest. Um, and I honestly burned out. I was working for a sports league, um, working at the corporate office and also refereeing basketball. And I got to a point where I needed to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.  
Speaker 0    00:07:42    Um, a vacation to Los Angeles, kind of, um, you know, got my mind, got my mind free of like all the pressures of life. I got away from New York where I was, where I was living at the time. And I started to, you know, really think of what my journey should be. And, you know, I really kind of, you know, entrenched myself in the LA scene and, you know, did the whole, whole whole spiel, um, you know, Roscoe's in and out, um, Venice Beach, you know, I did all the LA stuff that you're supposed to do, wa, Hollywood Walk of Fame, all that stuff. Um, Hollywood Walk of Fame gave me the opportunity to really think about what I wanted to do in my life, and God told me that I needed to write. And when I got back home, I, you know, really was inspired.  
Speaker 0    00:08:30    Um, that airplane ride home really got me in my, in my flow of what I wanted to do. And when I got home, I started to think about how I was, how I was going to write these books. I didn't wanna write my books in a traditional format because I did try that in the past and I did not succeed. Um, and I am a poetry writer. I am a poet. So I figured if I can accommodate social issues and po poetry, I'd be able to write stories and be able to, um, get out, you know, what's on my mind for the most part. So, um, my books to give you the Heads Up are written in arose format. It's not written in like, the traditional format of a book that you would normally pick up and read. So I always give people the heads up so when they do, you know, decide to inquire about my books, you know, they're, they're seeing a, a different format that's written out.  
Speaker 0    00:09:30    Some people find it challenging to read a book, some people find it easier to read, so, you know, some people will be happy and some people won't. Um, so I've been writing poetry since I was 13 years old. Um, I was the sing songy, um, rhyming poet for a long time until, you know, I became an adult and started, you know, writing, you know, more of a, in a pros format to where I'm, you know, telling a story about my life and who I am and what I'm about. Um, on my Instagram, which is Aquarianmelo. Um, you'll see I post poems every once in a while of things that are going on in my head or things that are going on in the world. And, you know, it's just to get my thoughts out. Um, I have so many things written and stashed away and things of that nature, things that I've written years ago that, you know, are no longer, no, no, no longer around cuz I was writing that in the moment.  
Speaker 0    00:10:32    But, you know, I've been writing for quite a long time and, you know, I started writing the Struggles and Growth of a Man. That was the first book that I wrote. Um, it was never going to be a series, but it turned into a five book series, and it is my favorite series that I've written because it tackles men's issues that we go through, the social stigmas, uh, the expectations of what we should be in this world. And, um, as I get into my book Insight and I start talking about that series, I'll, you know, really kind of go in depth into, you know, my goals behind writing, you know, that, that book series, why, and you know, how much, you know, Robert is a lot of, uh, of me in a nutshell. Um, so to be brutally honest, um, you know, writing has been my outlet, um, in a lot of ways.  
Speaker 0    00:11:29    Um, I've written a lot of books to where a lot of stuff has come to fruition, um, unfortunately. Um, and those are the more deeper issue books like Kids with Guns and, you know, the world in ruins, things of that nature. Um, those books will get discussed, you know, down the road. I have a lot of books to discuss. So in the coming weeks, you guys will really get to, to know, um, how I write these books, why, and, you know, my goals behind these books because every book that I've written has a message, and that's my intention every time I sit down and, you know, start to write these books. Um, so the greatest part about me reshaping my podcast is, um, like I said, I will be posting, you know, podcasts three times a week. And I, you know, live, um, in warmer climate these days.  
Speaker 0    00:12:30    I, I'll put it to you that way. I'm on the west coast now, so, you know, have a lot of quiet time. So I will definitely have opportunities to, you know, really engage with you guys and really get to write out, you know, a lot of my books now and really get to jump on here and, you know, do these podcasts for you guys. Um, and that's pretty much it. Um, you know, Wednesdays will be my Motivation and Inspiration, and I will, you know, really, you know, delve into how you guys can get going in, in regards to your goals and things of that nature. So, with that said, um, that's my podcast for today. I just wanted to jump on here, um, and, you know, get the ball rolling with, um, my revamped podcast content, what I'm focused on, and the direction of, you know, the direction that I'm heading in, you know, starting in 2021.  
Speaker 0    00:13:30    Um, we're gonna make this a great year. Um, uh, I'm gonna keep you guys going as best as I can. Um, and, you know, feel free to reach out to me on my website, which is aquarium mind rights.com. So it's aquarianmindwrites.com. I will definitely, you know, leave my website, you know, in a description and you guys can, you know, find me there and you guys can reach out to me on the contact form if you guys, you know, want to, you know, begin your journey of, you know, writing a book or, you know, any sort of goals that you may have. Um, for me, I always stay, you know, positive and I always know that, you know, somewhere along the lines I'm gonna get to where I need to be. And I know that my goals are bigger than, than anything that I've ever had in my life. With that said, I'm gone. Be good everyone and go and accomplish your goals.