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Mondays With Melo are podcast episodes on what's on my mind currently. Mondays focuses on things I think about and I feel it's important to share on our journey through life.
Mondays With Melo

Podcast #226-My Mental Health Internally

March 20, 2023

Today, I talk about my mental health and how I've learned about myself more and my confidence throughout life. I share how I've gotten through my tough times and how rough patches in life don't last forever.

Mondays With Melo

Podcast #223-My Time Of Doing Nothing

Feb. 27, 2023

I always push you guys with my Motivation Wednesdays but a lot of times, we need to slow down and do nothing. I talk about what I do to relax and how doing nothing helps me to rejuvenate myself.

Mondays With Melo

Podcast #220-I Broke All Of The Rules (As An Author)

Feb. 20, 2023

When I decided to start writing books, I went in a totally different direction than what anyone would think. I did things differently from how I write my books to the creation of my website and starting this podcast. This is…

Mondays With Melo

Podcast #217-Everyone's Journey Is Different

Feb. 13, 2023

The most important part of our lives is everyone's journey is different. We all have our moment and time where our ultimate success will happen. I talk about this in today's podcast.

Mondays With Melo

Podcast #214-2,013 Days

Jan. 30, 2023

It took me 2,013 days to accomplish and achieve a very important goal of mine. There were things I did that allowed me to achieve this goal but you gotta press play to find out what it was!

Mondays With Melo

Podcast #211-Everything Is Time For Me

Jan. 23, 2023

My journey with writing has all been time management. Writing down my goals, managing how much time I do everything is imperative. I share how I do everything in today’s podcast.

Mondays With Melo

Podcast #208-My Fulfillment and Joy

Jan. 16, 2023

My journey as a content creator has been nothing short of fun and fulfilling. I share this in today’s podcast and also talk about enjoying the journey and the small things to get to the end goal.

Mondays With Melo

Podcast #205-Are You Mentally, Physically and Emotionally Prepared for Success?

Jan. 9, 2023

It's the all-important question that must be asked. I delve into all of it and breakdown each word and what it takes to get to the top of the mountain of success.

Mondays With Melo

Podcast #202-2023

Jan. 2, 2023

It's a new year, it's time to go after all of our goals, dreams and aspirations. I ask you all the important questions for the new year. How are we becoming the best versions of ourselves this year?

Mondays With Melo

Podcast #199-Using My Passion To Impact Others

Dec. 21, 2022

I'm always looking for new ways to impact others in the world. This short podcast delves into my drive to be great at what I do daily.

Mondays With Melo

Podcast #196-Learning From The World

Dec. 19, 2022

I spend so much time creating content but my greatest accomplishment in this journey is learning from the world. I talk about this part of my journey in today’s podcast.

Mondays With Melo

Podcast #193-Self-Doubt Is Part of Self-Growth

Nov. 14, 2022

We spend a lot of our lives doubting ourselves in who we are, our purpose amsngoijg after what we want. But what if it was part of your growth in life?

Mondays With Melo

Podcast #190-Noone Will Outwork Me

Nov. 7, 2022

My mental focus and concentration always keep me going. I always feel noome will outwork me because of how bad I want to succeed and impact others. Just the things that go on in my mind daily.

Mondays With Melo

Podcast #187-My Mental Drive To Be The Best

Oct. 31, 2022

There's a drive in me that always keeps me going. I love the grind and journey and I share what keeps me going everyday. It's about purpose and fulfillment for me.

Mondays With Melo

Podcast #184-My Journey Across The Country

Oct. 24, 2022

Today's podcast is a real good one! I talk about my journey moving from NYC to Phoenix, Arizona. One of the biggest decisions I've made in my life and I'm thankful for the life I have now.